Friday, January 15, 2016

Quick Updates

Hey Spies! It's Rosie here, and I've finally finished this long-term project that's been keeping me from coming online or posting, so now we can resume all that! ;D
Heh, but in all seriousness.. 

I just wanna go over some things:

  1.  New bloggers will be chosen THIS WEEKEND. Make sure you apply for a chance! ;D
  2.  The giveaway will also begin in the next 3 days! Guaranteed online by Monday! ;D
  3.  I'm planning something special A secret is underway~
  4.  There may be a few "segment" posts coming, such as weekly fashion tips, advice columns, etc, etc..
  5. Click here for a bunch of HANDY DANDY FAQ'S! And here for some HANDY DANDY BLOGGING TIPS!
Basically this weekend will be the huge update where I finally get to ditch schoolwork for the header, stay tuned!

(I should also probably make a sign-off for myself.. Ah so much to do >0< )

xoxo~ : )

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