Wednesday, March 23, 2016

DIY Editing and Editing Tips For Beginners

Hey spies! It's Chrissy! It's been so long since I've seen you guys and I'm so glad to be back with out that weird "Domain Expiration"! Anyways I was just editing my profile pic for Google+ and I thought "Hey lets just do this for a WzW Spies blog post because why not?". So I'm back with another DIY edit and some tips along the way! Lets begin:

1. Always have a solid colour background when taking a picture of your Woozin Or Woozen (Again I'm still not sure XD)

2. Do a movez while taking the pic (I find this easier get rid of the background)

3. Remove the background (This is pretty much a must but lets turn it into a tip anyways CX)

4. If you can't draw hands or hand gestures use a template!

5. Pick out a background!

6. Now its your choice what to do next! XD

Erm K! I hope you guys enjoyed this! Signing off! Chrissy the cookie is out! CX

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