Saturday, March 19, 2016

Some art tips from Blea-Chan's style ;o!

Hai o3o It has been like since December that I've been posting here o my lanta. I actually recently broke my plug when we were moving couches around in our house my laptop fell (still works) and I must of broke the battery and plug so due to that if my plug falls out all my art work unsaved will get erased and if I was posting here I'd have to redo the whole thing. But anyway, I decided to change things up just a teeny bit and for today and maybe once a while I'll be posting about art tips! :D *Note I'm not as great as some instagram people like @_stacielove_ or @kittsay , but these are tips I have for users of and newbies (sorry if that sounds rood ;-;) to complicated software's. so first, you'll have to do your line art.

 Afterwards create 2 new layers *2nd one optional* and label the first "HairBC' and the new one underneath 'blocker'. A Blocker helps because if you don't have a lock tool then you don't know where excesses of paint can go so the blocker shows you what to erase afterwards.

Now make more layers underneath the  Hair BC for the amount of Base colors you'll need. (I only need 3 for now due to her having on a suit.)

*Make a new layer for every time you do something new don't do it all on BC layer because then if you were to need to erase a mistake it would erase everything*

Now, you need a tool called airbrush. I don't have that but me being such a smart cookie ;) I just changed the capacity of my brush to 0% and made the brush size 50+ for an airbrush effect.

Snip around the parts you want to use the brush on and then take your brush and color in the snipped around part so you don't bother other layers.

After airbrushing you need to add more details so take a smaller brush 100% capacity,and make it a darker shade of what you're coloring and put that in the darker areas like behind her hair or at the roots.

Now take a foreign color and put that just around the edges and back of her hair.

Add some shine for an anime touchish and there! your hair is complete.If you want more details then take her base color hair and stroke some loose strands of hair. Make sure to flatten or merge your layers together when done a piece like the hair to reduce further confusion.

Repeat this for almost every layer until the face features.

For the eyes snip around it and then choose your darker eye color shade for primary color and your base color for secondary and then gradient it using the gradient tool. add in a pupil and the white part at the top. For more detail add in some colors reflecting off her eye and add some shine

Now for blush, just make your airbrush choose the shade of pink and color in where the cheeks should be.

Flatten all your layers together delete the blocker layer and tada! you have your picture finished :D I apologize if this was complicated to follow T_T I might make a speedpaint next time. To see my finished picture just visit my instagram @Blea-Chan and/or follow to see more pictures. I do take requests but I have 2 I have to make, I had alot of fun with this post and so see you guys tomorrow :D Blea signing out

-Magical Blea

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