Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Advance of the outfits :D

Hey guys!!!!!!!!!!! Juliettelax here (sorry for didnt post yesterday i needed to study :p)
Well as you know theres so new outfits in ww (the ones maded by woozens) And here in ww spies we got you the 3 of 4 outfits that will be on store tomorrow:
1.By Autumlight (the same person that made stylish ballerina outfit, it will be very rare like her first winning outfit?)

I like it but its to punk for me, for that people that like the dark and all that is ok but for me... I like it but i need to see it in different colors (Also did you see it has many triangles?? o.0 and eyes in the shoes?? o.0 jk jk c;) anyways i love the outfit and its cute just that too punk for me :p good job Autumnlight

NEXT OUTFITTTTTT boys: david54li

I like it, most the pants, the shoes are awesome i could wear it (and im a girl :P) The shirt is cool and the hair is cute, for me this is a 9/10 good job :)

And last outfit (it hasnt be revealed yet but here in ww spies always keep looking c;)
BY: KatarinaSparkz
               I like it but tbh i preffer the drawing than the ww design, the hair is cute, the outfit is really floral and hippie (is my idea or jenny will wear this outfit? XD) I love the shoes and in general its cute good job :)
                                     This is all the outfits i could get by now but the saturday ill post about new
                                                                 outfits :))))))))))))))))))))))))))
                                                               KEEP FAB UNICORN SPIES!!!!

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