Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Big tip to stay SAFE

Today I will be telling you guy's my number 1 tip to stay SAFE on WoozWorld.
The tip is to have a back up account.If  you don't don't know what a back up account is,it's an account that you have for emergencies for example let's say You get hacked and Most People who never had back up account's got hacked and decided to Quit WoozWorld FOREVER So if you don't have a back up account I suggest you should make one if your reading this right now.
Thing's you do with your back up account:
With your backup account I'm now saying that you HAVE to trade stuff from your account on because I didn't but what you should Do is Go to some Free time's and get some rare's on to that account C:
Many of you have been hacked or scammed before so I hope this post has helped you a lot and before I finish this post off I would just like to show you my Safety Video For WoozWorld:
 Stay Safe Spies! x3

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