Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Quiz.. About Cooly-Backup, oo

HEEEEEEEEYY! Today, I'm going to find out who knows me the most? Btw, these are all Woozworld questions. Let's start ;)!

Question 1:

Which of these were never my color code:

A) Mint
B) Neon
C) Black and White
D) Maroon

Question 2:

What game have I never hosted:

A) Running Game
B) Color Game
C) Maze
D) Hide and Seek

Question 3:

When did I join WW:

A) 10 months ago
B) 5 years ago
C) 4 years ago
D) About a week ago (sorry I had to)

Question 4:

What outfits did I vote for during Woozen's Choice:

A) Deadmau5 and Esq
B) Tribal and Dolloween
C) Didn't pick any
D) Tyrule and Esq

Question 5 (last question):

Which game did I first host:

A) Maze
B) Running Game
C) Hide and Seek
D) Color Game

So ya, comment your answers, I'll message you on Woozworld if you got all right! XOXOXO

*yes I know you like it*