Wednesday, April 8, 2015

MyaWooz Hacked??

Hi guys!Bleaty here o3o.Today,while I was on Woozin,I noticed MyaWooz was acting quite....different then usual.For instant,She use to post in capitals,now she doesn't even put the word 'I' in capitals.Also,she's starting to comment on like,all of the posts given toward her wallz.She even says 'o now D; DATS MY THING!Anyways She seems alot different now.Also,she is posting directly to woozens wallz.I thought she only did that for special eventz??

Anyways,more to come.She could be trying something new,like how Dede stated.But there wasn't even any periods o.o I suspect that there is a hacker on Mya's account,because the day before yesterday (6th) I submitted my design for her contest,and the podz was hacked.o_o It was asking for you to submit a unitz for woozen quests.This doesn't surprise me as much,because once a couple weeks ago at sotw (Star Of The Week) this happened again,but it was I think I recall asking for you to, put how you listen to music? I'm pretty sure xD Anyways that's all for today o3o More coming soon

Bleaty signing out!


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