Saturday, April 4, 2015

Blea-chan,the Trial Blogger

Hey guys o3o.I'm Bleatystar-,for short,Bleaty.Many of you might know me from WoozworldBurst,another great blog.I'm happy to announce I will now be a trial blogger on WoozworldSpies!!I will be posting about:

*News on Woozworld.(ex:Zombeardtotis,Zeena coming back o_o etc)

                    Here are some facts about me!

*I love Blue DON'T STEAL IT!!!
*I LOVE Anime!!
*I'm kind,funny.(hopefully o.o),and I stand up for what I believe in even if it means to stand alone.
*My favorite video game is..The Legend Of Zelda
*I've been a member of the Woozworld community for:4 years and 8 months (Including hacked accounts)
*I've gotten hacked several times T_T

Those are mostly the basics about me :3.I also love editing.This is a short post,but I guess it's only an introduction post so next time I see you guys,this page will be filled with Words of Wisdom!Please remember to rate this post o3o.It helps me know how I'm doing at posting.Arigato!

Bleaty signing out!

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