Saturday, April 18, 2015

Color codes for all you Color living woozens! x3

Pink: ff0066
Violet: 6600ff
Blue: 000bff
Light Blue: 18ecf4
Yellow: fff85a
Green: 00fd09
Red: fc0000

Mya's FABULOUS color code.x3:
Pink: f300c2
Red: dd0000

JennyWooz Color Code: 
Pink: ffa7a7
Green: 00d9ad

Gold (Yellow-ish): ffdf2c
Gold (Orange-ish): fcaf00
Gold (My Pick): ffb308
Silver: e5e5e5

Leaf (or Grass) Green: 4aa02c
Sea Blue (Teal): 004f64
Wood Brown: 683600
Sky Blue: bff0fd
Blood Red: c90000
Sun Yellow (Orange): ffbe2c
Sand Peach: ffe0bf
Rose Red: bf1443
Rose White: fff8e8

Brunette (Brown): 9a4f00
Brunette 2 (Light Brown Thats Kinda Grey): aa8866
Blonde (Yellow): eeca00
Black: 101010
Red Head (Red): b20000

Blue: 003464
Brown: 814200
White: eeeeee
Grey: 8b8b8b
Black: 181818
Peach: ffebbf

Dirty colors:
Green: 456304
Brown: 9a8200
Yellow: c9c000


AyiMae's Black: 000000
AyiMae's White: ffffff
AyiMae's Neon Pink: ff0066
AyiMae's Baby Pink: ffa7a7
AyiMae's Hair #1: 814200
AyiMae's Hair #2: aa8866

JudyPalmCoast's Purple: 8900a5
JudyPalmCoast's Black: 000000
JudyPalmCoast's Hair: aa8866

Tan: d89f63 (DemitriRae)

Plus, while searching for color codes, i found a PICTURE of ALL OF IT! So, i will place it now here after this long paragraph so you guys can use it. Anyways, hope this helped.

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  1. the is a rare-ish hair color that u might want: 9A4F00