Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hey guys it cara!

Hey everyone! 
Im caraxhi of woozworld and i have been given the chance to be a blogger! My blog posts will be aimed at fashion and style tips!
So lets start of by reviewing this weeks outfits!

Stylish Ballerina
I absolutely love the stylish ballerina outfit. The way the hair just flows to the side and the butterfly just tops the whole look of. Dont get me started on the back of the dress, the bows and the stiching look absolutely perfect! Theres no mystery in how many people love this outfit.

Floral Goddess
This outfit is perfect for spring, the long wavy hair topped of with a tumblr flower crown. The sparkly crop top is a bit hit with woozens ans is trending like crazy!

So guys what do you think of the new outfits?
 Which outfit is your fav?
 Let me know in the chat box!

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