Sunday, April 26, 2015

Guess who's accepted?

Hey guys!
It's Dark here and today I will be telling you that I got accepted here as an official blogger! :D
And I will be sharing to you what is woozworld this past few years.

1.) Years ago wzw gave every woozen a free Giant Max/Jay head (for boys) and Giant Mya/Jenny head (for girls). They also gave us a 7 day VIP pass.

2.) The deadmau5 ears are free 3 years ago.

3.) WoozWorld's old name is called "Kids Studio".

4.) You can create 4 woozens in one account.

5.) They have an exclusive magazine so you can buy outfits that they just made.

6.) They have organizations called Clubz (e.g. Futturz Club, Adventurz Club , Comicz Club , etc.)

7.) There are no WoozIn when you logged in. you can just see your 4 woozen that you made.

8.) When you have a VIP Pass all of your woozen will receive the benefits of a VIP.

9.) WzW has a refer button where you can invite your friend. and you can get outfits from it (e.g. Cheerleader outfit , Yeti Suit , etc.)

10.) Relationship costs 20 wooz , but every wednesday it will become 5 wooz.

11.) Wzw made a Lite Sprites outfit that looks like a fairy :D

So that's all for today guys xx!
Stay Sweet ~

PS: If you have question about me just message me on WzW. And I am making new outfits again! :D Stay updated guys 

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