Sunday, April 26, 2015

Some updates!

Hey Spies! Pop here! I haven't posted in a whileeee because I've been really, really busy.

Basically, I've been really happy for the Woozworld Spies Team, we've already gotten close to 8k views!

I'm also very happy that more and more people are being added to the team each week.

One thing that I wanted to talk about is some updates that have been asked for, and are actually good ideas.

  • A colorable day (which will never happen, but still,) would give people a chance to change their color codes. A good 24 hours won't hurt anyone :3

  • More faces (that look good) I think that it would be nice to have more faces in Shopz.

    • Here's one that I thought of:

      • Being able to edit our own pictures, and make short little films. Wouldn't it be great to have a built in Editor to edit our own pictures?

      • More Movez (you have to admit, there's not a lot of them, and they're kinda dumb. Like drinking coffee, or eating, or something, just more of them xD

      • Woozens being able to trade backgrounds and Unitz, plus Wooz and Beex again.

      So those were just some I think that we should have. I know Woozworld tries to be up to date, so no pressure xD

      See ya next time, Spies!


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