Friday, April 10, 2015

Answering Questions YOU Wandering woozens Asked ME~! -Nay

Hi Guys! Sorry i haven't been Active for long xc. But here Are questions YOU wandering woozens asked me! 

 DannyIsBaeCx    AAsked: Do you like woozworld? Like is it an addiction? Answer: Of COURSE It Is! XDD

FallenHeartz  Asked : How often do you play Woozworld? 24/7 Tbh. And: Do you think the outfits on woozworld have gotten better or worse? it depends.. Like last time... On valentine's day or the next one.. There was this ugly Outfit... (No Offense it's horrible.)

Woozen-50564420   Asked: if you had to date Mya or Jenny if you we're a boy, which one would you choose? Answer: Mya ofc. xx Cuz Mya Understands me cuz she's bae.

-XakXak- Asked: Does my chicken have a heart beat? Answer:  I Know this is an random question but.. Idk? 


                                 Well that's it for NOW! I Will edit this as soon as i get MORE And MORE Questions!! x3 BYEEEEEE! Nay- :3 

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