Sunday, April 26, 2015

Im backkkkkkkkkkkk

Hey guys!!!!!!! I know I haven´t post last week and very sorry about that, is that i am in exams so is hard to me to post but dont worry they over this week :).
Well lets continue with news first i will talk about............. new woozworld android app!!!!!!!!!
(I cant get images since i didnt take pics :P)
Well points about it:
1.The shop its like glitched because it appear woozcup jerseys on girls tops
2.As the same with ww apple app the faces looks like this:

 3.(This is good) For me (idk if it happens to you too) it dont takes to much battery, so you can play many time in your tablet/smartphone woozworld!
                                            Well thats alll for today!!!!!!!!!!!! (more in 2 days)
                                                           KEEP FABBBBBBBBBB

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