Saturday, April 4, 2015

New trial blogger!!!!!!!!!!

Hi mi name is Juliettelax, Im new to the blog :p well here are some facts and tips for fashion ;)

1. I don't speak english so if i write bad something is normal :p
2.I entered woozworld 1 year ago :3
3.I luv fashion on woozworld :D
4.I don't celebrate halloween or some celebrations :p
5.My favorite color is mint and brown (my color codes)
6.My favorite animator is jenny :D
7.I make edits on paint :D

Now let's move to the.. fashion tips!!!!!!!!!!!
1.If you have 1 color code try to find 1 else to match, since an outfit in 1 color dont looks good all the time...
2.Try that the outfit don't look to exaggerated, but always try to save your look ;)
3. Be original, don't wear what all does, but always that you feel good with the outfit
4.Try to match the outfit in a way that you love it!!!!!!!! :DD
                  These are only suggestions but only be yourself ;)
                                                                       KEEP FAB!!!!!!!!

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