Saturday, April 4, 2015

New Trial Unicorn Blogger!!!!

Hayello all you secret wonderful unicorn spies! xD. My name is Silly, but some people call me      unicorn! Hehe cx, onto the post!

Well I thought since this is my first time meet all of you I should give you some facts about meh c;

  1. Im a very fun person and very overprotective of my freinds xD!
  2. I can argue about something for hours if its worth it.
  3. I had 3 hacked accounts on Woozworld, Which makes me 4 years on woozworld in total c:
  4. I love fashion, so some of my posts will be about the outfit of the week.
  5. Weirdo over here! Yes, xD I'm a weirdo so sometimes you'll find me in woozen quests acting like a total weirdo o-o.
  6. I like unicorns, Duh! xD I like them because there different like meh c;
  7. This fact has no meaning whats so ever i just wanted the fact list to end up on a odd number.
Whale then, xD i just realized how much of a weirdo i really am o-o. Haha xD. Alrighty then my beautiful unicorn spies, Signing off, Till we meet again! c;

1 comment:

  1. Hi uni! Welcome to the spies's blog! :D Your now a spy. We spy for information :3