Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Scammer Alert

Hey guy's it's Princess.So I just logged on to WoozWorld and got bored (As we all do) xD And i just scrolled thrue my post's on Woozin,Anyway I found that I got scammed.
MzRawr scammed me at her bidding.Do not trust her even if she seem's like the nicest person in the World,Trust me She's Not.I lost 10.000 beex,down the drain .-.
Also another two girl's but i can't remember they're name's.On one of them I lost WNS Pop Short's and on the other one.Someone lost alot of they're rares from a girl who said that she would trade Ballerina bow hair for another colour.
                                                                   Stay Safe Woozen's!

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