Wednesday, April 8, 2015

They might patch this hack?

Well guys and no, im not talking about im hacking or things like that, well maybe you dont know but a guy called Oxsyosemite is selling PETS, yeah as how you listen me PETS ill show you one of his podz:
Well maybe you dont know but this guy before we could sell items more than max, he did sell items over max in market, many people (im included) thinks he is a hacker, since that face that i remember never had been on shopz...... and many people is having filwooz face dont believe me? look:
and no I DIDNT CHANGE THE COLOR OF THE IMAGE, if you want go to fil wall and check it please,
maybe the thing of the pets its the same as the prices over max, maybe it appear later, but now no one knows. Well thats all for this post ;)
                                                          KEEP FAB MY UNICORN SPIES ;)
And.... OMG THIS IS MY 5/5 POST!!!!!!!!! :OOOO

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