Friday, April 10, 2015

The New Store Outfits + The Spring Design Contest

Have you all saw Dahlia, Laurel, Snapdragon, and Nightshade?

They are the brand new Floweristas in the WzW Store near you!

Personally, I like Laurel better than Dahlia, because of the top and hair.

Who am I  to judge Snap and Night? '_'

Topic Change: Has anyone joined the Spring Design Contest in here?
I'd like to meet the opponents. :3

How can we wait until April 30 for WoozWorld to unveil spectacular designs? That's the end of the month....

According to Woozens (And Bleaty), MyaWooz commented on some peoples' Wallz complimenting their designs. In the MORNING.

So I call this Morning Hacked Mya.

Stay tuned.....

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