Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Glitches fixed!

Hey Spies! So,I'm just really happy today xD I seemed to have the BEST day ever ;D Anyway,it's probably been a fab day for you guy's to....

Glitches are gone! ;D Yay,so now you can go open your friend list,open shopZ etc..Without glitching out.
So that's great and I'm in a hurry to decorate my room Summery ;D When ever I'm happy I decorate my room xD
Well other then the glitches there's not much to talk about.So I thought I would enter a Ww contest idk about you but I love to enter contests xD Do you like entering contests? If so keep reading. :D

Username: ThePoet is having a contest. For more details about her contest check out her wallz. The prize I would say is REALLY good xD But yeah all you have to do to enter the contest is: Take a picture with a friend saying: Message ThePoet and basically who ever get's the most people to message her will win.
That's all for today Spies!
                                                 Keep Calm And Princescajor! :3

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