Sunday, May 10, 2015

❤Happy Mothers Day❤

                Hallo my little unicorn spies, Yes I'm still alive o-o... Sorry I have been not very active but my blogging days are going to be Monday Wednesday and Friday. I'm making up for the last 3 days i have missed today, Tomorrow is also Monday so your going to be seeing a lot of me this week.And happy Mothers day! Anyway onto the actual post, Im going to be rating the new star of the week. Her name is Cat294. Heres her with +MyaWooz

Honestly, I love cats creativity with the dress to add a long skirt underneath to make it look like it has a different open design. I love it. The shoes not so much it makes it look more beach then actually prom like. And the hair honestly i never really liked the hair since it came out. But it looks great on her. Overall she has a great color code and i give a 7/10. Great job Cat! Now ill see you next time Signing out, Unicorn nation Silly Spy.

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