Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sorry + News + Reviews (Reviews?!?!?!?!?)

So spies! For this first part, i'm sorry (if you ever liked my posts) that I never posted in a looong time! It's just there's so much homework from school, and i'm suppose to write about quizzes and quests..but there isn't any of them recently so ya, sorry!  (There is a quest but Queenrosie1 already did it)

Second part: So I have some news, Now (forever maybe), I'm going to write reviews about the stuff in the store, Zechic, or Shopz! It's because there isn't any quests and quizzes reccently! (There is a quest but Queenrosie1 did it) :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

And now I'm going to write my reviews about the NEW things in Zechic!

#1  Messy Party Hair:   I would rate this....3/5...I don't really like it in my opinion...cuz it's messy XD kinda though...

#2 Bowtie Shortsleeved Shirt: I would rate this...4/5 because the bow looks kinda cute I guess XD 

#3 Sheer Chic Dress: I would rate this 5/5 because I LOVE IT! I like the design and the color!

#4 Headband & Ringlets: I would rate this 5/5! I HONESTLY LOVE THIS! I love the curls at the bottom AND the headband! LOVE IT! <3 This is my favourite one!


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