Sunday, May 3, 2015

New Blogger (In Training)

           Hey Spies!!:D Im Sid the new blogger in training So basically im just gonna introduce myself and some stuff i like to do <3
  • My Name is Sydney 
  • Ive Played Woozworld for about 2 years on my hacked account so 2 years
  • Im Addicted to woozworld :o :D lol
  • I have a specific color code that i dont share often (Sorry) D:
  • If you need a color code im here! :D i can match u with one so quick <3
  • My username in woozworld is YourPerfect-
  • I do edits sometimes 
  • i love mixing cloths together creating new trendz
  • my topic Is Inspiration so basically anything creative that catches my eye will be chosen <3:)
  • I love anything with art i love drawing <3
  • i also like singing <3 
  • There's plenty of more but to shorten this up this is about it for now <3!:D

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