Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Prom 2k15!

Hey Spies! It's Rosie, here to talk about the upcoming Pom 2k15! Let's start off with the Prom playlist! (Click the song title to listen to it and view the music video)
1. "Uptown Funk"- Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
2. "Stay with Me"- Sam Smith
3. "Neon Lights"- Demi Lavato
4. "Dear Future Husband"- Meghan Trainor
5. "Sugar"- Maroon 5

I think this is a pretty good playlist! ;D
Next up, we can now nominate Woozens for Prom King or Queen! Even if you don't get a lot of nominations, don't worry! You still get to collect ballots later this week to become Prom Prince or Princess! You can collect up to 100 ballots, and your name will be entered into a pool of woozens from which the Prince and Princesses will be announced! I'm assuming the nominations will just be used to help us decide who to vote for, and maybe they'll be posted on the blog. Guess we'll find out sooner or later! xD

ALSO, please don't spam on the Woozband wallz and ask for nominations there... it gets kind of annoying x_x Not to mention that if you deserve the title and you're a kind person, you don't need to advertise yourself! You'll get the votes if you deserve it ;) I suggest DON'T advertise for yourself, it gives you a smaller chance of being nominated because it gets annoying :/
+MyaWooz's status:

So please don't spam their wallz! Or else they might close them down, which they once had to do :c

Let's end this post with a new simple edit by me! ;D
It's inspired by prom o3o
Inline image 1
xoxo ~Rosie

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