Sunday, June 21, 2015

WoozPaper vol.161!

Heyyy guys! Lauraxer here! Sorry haven't been posting lately, i'm on pause but sometimes I can do posts still. (I litterally did this post on another blog since i'm bored now so I just copied it to save time)
Here's the link to the Woozpaper vol.161:

So basically what it talks about is about LoganWooz returning to Woozworld, the Contest Winners for the Unitz Design Contest: Dream Vacation Spot!

3rd Place Winner: monster75 
2nd Place Winner: Lilswaggerificyqe
1st Place Winner: -Im-So-CoOl

And then it shows some articles from Woozens!
One article is: 
Logan’s Solstice by Floraquilt
Get your flip-flops on! LoganWooz is in town! I have JUST completed my tasks that must be done in order to SAVE SUMMER! There is one problem, LoganWooz is sick, so to keep her going, you must clean up ice and slime so she  can plan the EPIC Summer bash for this year! Enough about all that! You HAVE to check out the Logan inspired Summer wear! The sun dresses are AMAZING! But you have to see it yourself to believe it! Check it out before it is released! Take my word for it! All I can say now is… have a great Summer!

Pretty good article Floraquilt! XD

Well that's all for now guys!
 xoxo, Lauraxer

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