Monday, June 22, 2015

Interview with SOTW Winner Quote!

Hi there guys, David AND Sierra (Hahaha, see Sierra, told you I would credit the interview to you) here again with another interview for you guys!
Today like always MyaWooz hosted her usual Star of the Week, as this week's theme was Logan-Inspired Summer!

This week's awesome winner was Quote, and in my opinion her style was pretty awesome if you tell me!

However, I didn't do the interview myself. Let's just say I'm really trying to finish up some summer work for my next school year and simply requested the one and only SierraTooCool to help me with the interview. I created the questions while Sierra asked them to Quote herself.

Here was the interview (as emailed to me from Sierra):
Pink Font: SierraTooCool
Green Font: Quote

SierraTooCool: So let's get started. First off, congrats to winning, Quote! How do you feel?
Quote: Thank you! I feel pretty great, this was an amazing day for me actually!
SierraTooCool: Well that's good! How did you come up with your amazing neutral-colored outfit? It stood out perfectly!
Quote: I just experimented with a few colors, and I love pastel especially, so why not try those colors?
SierraTooCool: There were a lot of ties this week, were you there to react to the winners that placed before you?
Quote: Everyone had amazing outfits that were really hard to beat! X)
SierraTooCool: What would you say to a woozen who wants to try and become the next SOTW, just like you?
Quote: Just be yourself!
SierraTooCool: Quote, now that you've won SOTW, what are you going to do now?
Quote: I'll probably make more friends, judge SOTW, or even try my Woozpet again!
SierraTooCool: Any last words before we end the interview, Quote?
Quote: Thanks for having me! xx
SierraTooCool: Thanks for agreeing to do this again, Quote!
Quote: Np! :)

And that was our interview with Quote, thank you so much again bae (aka Sierra) for helping out, until next time!

-Itching and SierraTooCool

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