Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fashion And About Me

                 Hey Guys It's Sydney!:) Today im gonna be bringing up that im running for woozguide now!!:D, i know i know ofc its an odd chance id get selected but i hope i get supporters at least. I don't wanna be a woozguide for the title i want it because i wanna actually change woozworld and make people smile more often and know that everyone's there for each other, and not to be cruel because in real life maybe you don't live the greatest life (example me my family is half broken up and my friends i dont know anyone). But I want supporters at least (Sydney For Woozguide 2k15). If anyone has questions or concerns please know im here!:)
(YourPerfect-) Well Back On Topic i found the username that i thought rocks her color code!:) it's Anastasia730 Pictures will be listed after <3 Another Woozen that Rocks his clothing is AboutAWeekAgo <3 Hehehe My Love His outfit will also be listed below <3 Note: if anyone wants me to list their outfit or unitz message me at YourPerfect- on Woozworld. My third and final winner is JaylahDiamond!:D Congratulations <3
Anastasia730 Love This !!
AboutAWeekAgo <3 Love This Mix
JaylahDiamond Congratz The Color Is Great Suit For you!<3

So That's All For Today Remember Message me if you have any requests of outfits don't be afriad to ask questions as well im here!:D  i really have to work on a new edit Dx Someone remind me lol Remeber supports would be great as well i could really use some of you guys <3 Sydney For Woozguide-xoxoxox Syd (Syd Is Out cx)

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