Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What Woozworld dreams are made oF

Hey spies! Menguin here, today I am going to talk about some things that would be awesome if added into Woozworld but also nearly impossible! (Btw sorry I haven't been on in a while, lacrosse tournament and other things)

Ok, first I wanted to tell you a little more about this post as I usually do. Lately in Woozworld the spotlight has been on all the AMAZING new fashion that has been coming out. I thought I would shine some light onto cool furniture items that would be awesome to have!

1. POOLS!!!!!!!! With the spirit of summer in mind, imagine if we had usable pools!!! Obviously you  are realizing at this point why this post was titled what Woozworld DREAMS were made of, because i know that the reality of this happening is little to none :p. I just like to think, you click on this pool and it takes you to like an underwater part of the unitz where the walking animation turns to swimming!! This would be literally the best update to Woozworld ever.

2. HOT TUBS- Yes, I know that this is along the same lines as a pool, but a hot tub has potential to be a bit different! If u stay in too long talking with ur friends, u could get like really hot and turn red, THAT WOULD BE REALLY FUNNY!! And think of the bubble animations to go with it, AHHHHHH AMAZING!!!!! (Hey Megan, Herman would enjoy a hot tub) just thinking about the possiblities makes me happy inside.

3. PING PONG- I just imagine your woozen clicking on the ping pong table waiting for someone to join them (like in movez). Someone joins you and you begin the match, you have to click to hit it back every time your opponent hits it to you!! I know that my friends and I would get SOOOO competitive and have tons of fun with this piece of furniture, maybe you could even bet need or wooz in a best of 5 match!!!!!

4. LAMPS- Now, I know what you are thinking, MENGUIN THEY ALREADY HAVE LAMPS!! I  know that, I meant lamps that you could turn on and off to change the lighting in the room. This would be great in for example a "sleepover" with your Woozworld friends. Lights out everyone!!! To make sure there is no trolling with this one, only the owner of the unitz would be able to change the lighting in the room.

5. RADIOS- Who wouldn't want to have music in their life??!!? I'm SURE that your wooz wens would!! You would have the ability to choose songs, and guests would have the decision to turn their personal sound off if they don't like it!! With a radio, EVERYDAY WOULD BE A DAMCE PARTY!! WOOT WOOT!!!

That's all for now spies!!!
Betty Botter bought some butter but
She said "This butter's bitter!"

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