Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Quote Of The Week & Breaking News!

BREAKING NEWS: Hey guys meganisawesome3 here with an announcement! I finally became a VIP and now will begin to start posting about more exclusive topics, woohoo!

(I also found out how to add pictures :))

Quote Of The Week:

The only reason we go through pain is not so we suffer; but so something good can come out of it in the end. Something beautiful, and something enlightening.


What this quote means is that we think there should be no suffering in this world, but yet we are sadly mistaken. Honestly, the only way we get somewhere is by trial and error, mistakes, and pain! And if we truly take that pain and those mistakes to heart, we can learn something and suddenly, out of the blue, out of the sadness and despair, something beautiful emerges. But it takes time, and we need to accept that.

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