Saturday, August 8, 2015

Back to School Essentials!

Hey Spies, meganisawesome3, here. And I would like to start this post off by apologizing for not posting in quite some time. I've just been VERY busy this summer and by the end, I'm preparing for school to start so I'm even a little busier. I'm just glad I found some time to post! I've been missing this! 

Today's post is about back to school essentials! (Sorry about using that 'S' word guys, I know it's not fun to hear during the summer ;-;) But summer's ending, so I'm allowed to use it! :D

Ofc, we all know that school is here to help us learn and be better people. So what types of things can improve your school year and making it easier to learn? 


This is a new year for you, and it's time to be bold. It's the year to try new things! As you get older, your style definitely changes and (hopefully) matures. Your style is what can make you confident in whatever you do. Whether it's a special pair of sneakers or that brand new top you've been DYING to wear. Maybe it can even help you be noticed by that um... special someone? (Attention boys; I'm single ;)) Anyways, I know I'm changing up my style this year, and no not just because I need a boyfriend, but because I think it's time for a fresh start and a good change. Ofc, you do not have to change your style at all! Let you be you! Because sometimes it's more comfortable to wear flip flops than wedges :) Tbh, one of my favorite parts of the entire year is back to school clothing shopping!


Okay seriously, some of you may have a bad attitude towards school... but as you get older you need to start focusing on your studies and extra activities that can help you get into a good college. I mean it's not like school is for a full day... usually 7 hours! And 7 hours is not that long especially if you're getting some breaks and changing classes. Yes I understand school gets really stressful at some points, I've had my share! Put you need to power through and give everything your best effort. Not about 30% of it so you can go and play the latest fashion game or Call of Duty.

  1. Pencils/Pens. Seriously one of the most essential and stereotypical school supply. Ever. I mean, how else are you supposed to do worksheets and *groan* homework.
  2. Folders/Accordian Folders. Personally, I'm not the type of person to just throw work into my backpack, I need a folder  (I usually use accordian folders because I find regular folders rip easily). I have to be organized to be a good student! And no offense guys, but you're usually they people that do just willy-nilly throw work into their backpacks... and for me that's kind of a turn-off. Shape up!
  3. Loose-leaf Paper. I absolutely love this stuff! Even though I unfortunately forget to bring some to class sometime... a lot actually... It's just good to have a lot of it for work/homework, I usually get about 3 packs when I'm out school supply shopping! Plus, it's so organized when you can put them into binders which leads to our next supply...
  4. Binders. You have to have a binder. Probably for about all your classes. It keeps everything where it needs to be and I highly recommend getting dividers for it because it makes everything easy to find and access.
  5. Backpack. I think with pencils/pens this item ranks up there with some of the most essential school supplies out there because wouldn't it be a pain to carry EVERYTHING you need EVERYDAY? That would be a big stack... including phones and other items you may have such as laptops because I know some schools allow students to bring them.
RECOMMENDED: Locker decorations because who likes a boring old locker?

**Feel free to customize all of these! Or any other school supplies you may have**

Now there are a lot more essential supplies but this list would be SUPER long. Anyways, I think that's enough for this post! I'm certainly glad I got the chance to post again. Like I said earlier, I've really missed doing this. I'm blessed to be apart of this blog <3 

I hope you all have an amazing school year. (I know it may be early for some of you because some of you start in September. I wish I was you... I start this Wednesday ;-;) I also hope you guys have had (or are having) an amazing summer! Thanks Spies, that's all for now!

xx ~ meganisawesome3

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  1. I don't really ever comment, but I loved this! Great job!

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    1. I'm sorry I'm just seeing this comment (and well like... 3 months late? Heheh... sorry xD). Anyways, I really appreciate the feed back and you taking some time to publish that positive comment. Thanks so much! <3