Friday, August 7, 2015

No funky Friday today ;c

Hey Spies! Mya Announced that there will NOT be Funky Friday this Week: Instead ITS WOOZWORLD NEXT SUPERSTAR ITEMS!  Here is what MyaWooz said On Hot topics: "Instead of Funky Friday this week, we've added furniture items and Unitz from previous years of Woozworld's Next Superstar to Shopz, so you can get prepped and prepared for stardom before the contest starts next week! xx" XD The units are Maxvicii Jayrell Myana Grande and Jenny Swift And other Units XD one of the units Look Like The Charmazing unit. (The event Hosted W/ MyaWooz and Style-Me-UP
 Btw: Pop Scoter was in World Tour But I guess its Put on Woozworld Next superstar now lol. that's all for now! Bye bloggers!

Here is Woozworld Next Superstar Stuff:

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