Wednesday, August 5, 2015

RECORDING TUTORIAL - How To Record Your iPhone

hey everyone! anjanette back here today and i'm going to be showing you a real cool tutorial on how to record your iPhone screen. ☁

STEP 1 - what phone do you have?
this works for both apple and android phone users! except iRec is only available for apple users. any other phones i am not aware of so you may have to test it out to see if it works.

STEP 2 - download
now this is an actual app in order to download it, go to safari and search up now, look for ShouTV or iRec (not working atm) and click GET to the right. (see picture below) after you download it and accept all agreements, you have to download another app (i think Shou or something which is the original app?) and you may have to create an account, if not then go ahead and continue. also, there is an app called iRec which probably isn't working right now but you can see if it does!

STEP 3 - set-up
ser up everything and once you have downloaded both apps, it should be very simple. first, name your broadcast/recording. now, label what app/game you are going to be playing and then click on Start Broadcasting. to stop recording, go back to the app by clicking at the top and select Stop Recording. if you want to do this without clicking at the top, you can enable Assistive Touch. there is also an app for android to allow assistive touch.

and that is how you can record your iphone screen! to save your video, go to at the bottom Recordings and click on one and you can select/share your video or save it to your camera roll. i hope you liked this tutorial and please let me know if you have any questions by commenting or messaging me on via woozworld. 

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