Monday, August 10, 2015

Star Of The Week Astariacug!

Sup guys!
David here and today even though it isn't Sunday was Saturday, SOTW Saturday! MyaWooz (DA QUEEN, SORRY I'M ON A SUGAR RUSH AS WE SPEAK LOLOLOLOL) hosted this amazing SOTW like always at 11 AM.
As you all know, Sierra and I have been going at each other for SOTW interviews, and since I'm back on track, might as well give you my old interview posts eh? 

This week's theme was summertime yellow, and I would've loved to join in the yellow fun but sadly I woke up late and Sierra was all like, "Hay David SOTW made it all about your color code you missed it dood" before I watched her design some more unitz while I was like, LOLOLOLOLOL.. And yeah, soon Sierra told me to go post something on Woozworld Spies uh...

Your amazing judges were pretty great, if I do say so myself! (Credits to Sierra for texting me who they were)
- crystlefire
- david140
- SunSet916
- AvrilaLavigna1

This week's third placers were david037 and ArianaLoveStar!
Second place winners were snowburst and MajesticLolita!
And this week's star was Astariacug!

If you guys don't know Astaria, or Star, or Ast (argh, she has a lot of nicknames.), here's an interview I did with her! We did it on pc though.

BLUE FONT: Astariacug

Me: Congrats Star, how are you right now?
Astariacug: I'm doing fine, I'm happy.
Me: That's good! How did you react when you found out you were this week's SOTW?
Astariacug: I was really happy! I wanted to bounce off walls XD
Me: LMAO, can you tell us how you created your awesome outfit this week?

Astariacug: I just made a few matches with a few clothes, and plus I wanted to make things pop! xD
Me: You did really good doing that! How did you think of this week's judges?
Astariacug: They're really nice :3
Me: Yes they are! Can you tell anyone who's trying to become the next SOTW what to do and what to try when trying to compete?
Astariacug: Always believe in yourself and ignore the haters :)
Me: Those are great words, Star! Now, what do you plan on doing next since you won?
Astariacug: Idk yet lol
Me: Thank you for joining us again on Woozworld Spies! :))
Astariacug: Yw XP

And that was our pretty cool interview with the Star herself Astariacug! See you later guys!
Thanks for listening!
(sign off pic made by my girlfriend will be coming soon!)

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