Wednesday, October 7, 2015

DIY Hallowween Costumes

Well, it's that time of year. The time for our favorite seasonal decorations to appear on store shelves. It's time for... wait for it... CHRISTMAS. That's right ladies (and tiny male audience) it's October, which means that Santa Claus is already appearing in the Target seasonal section. But let's focus on the sooner-approaching holiday of Hallowween.

Every year WoozWorld puts out some elaborate holiday event and encourages the purchase of their Hallowween costumes for $2.99 each. I don't know about you, but I would prefer not to spend my real-world cash on a digital outfit.

But don't worry, because you can always use last year's Hallowween costumes. WRONG. No, it's not wrong because they're out of season. Because let's be real here, how many of you actually go to pick out an outfit and then throw it out because it's "so last season"? You can't wear last year's clothes because they are still going to be pretty pricey. And the fact that you're reading a blog about DIY Hallowween costumes, means your pretty broke. So my goal is to help you find cheap costumes that you can make yourself on WoozWorld.

For all of these costumes I just used clothes from my inventory, but if you want to buy something, PLEASE remember to use the Marketplace. I love the Marketplace and it will probably be your best option for all the different costume pieces.

Costume #1: Ninja

This one isn't technically DIY because the costume is already made, but it is actually really cheap and easy to find.

Costume #2: Gender Bend

I think this is really fun to do on WoozWorld especially if you have some people do it with you. Chances are you probably have all of the necessary items in your inventory to look like the other gender.

Costume #3: Kylie Jenner

So I found the Bratz face in my inventory and I knew I had to do this. If you remember the Bratz craze then you are a WoozWorld veteran and you most likely have one of these in your inventory. That is pretty much the key to this costume.

Costume #4: PJ!
Ah, the classic PJ costume. It is a pretty cheap costume IRL, given that you most likely already own a pair of PJs. In WoozWorld, though, I can't guarantee that everyone has a pair of PJs. Luckily, I was able to pull this together with what was in my inventory.

Those are just a few ideas. If you want to make your own, obviously feel free to do so, or you can use the outfits I made. I may or may not use one of these costumes. I wanted to exclude my personal Hallowween choice so it can be a surprise, but I actually may like one of these better than what I was going to do. So we'll have to wait and see what I choose!

A lot of items in my inventory would make great costumes, but I, unfortunately, am not a high enough Preztige to wear them. (I'm only level 26!) If you want to be an awesome person and vote me, I go up one Preztige point, but you go up three! And that's per vote!! My Woozen name is Sarahrulz30, FYI. :) But, of course, you can also just move on with your life and not vote me, but I won't love you as much. :(

Signing off, I'm SarahWooz: Trial Blogger.

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