Saturday, October 24, 2015

Ghoul-o-ween Costume Party Ideas

Hey Spies! Its Official blogger Chrissy! Recently, I got the best news ever from QueenRosie1 (Aka The owner of WzW Spies :D):

Whooooooooo Hooooooooo! Anyways I believe most of you Spies received and invite for a par-tah:

Awesome! Prizes and Dress up! So to help you Spies get ready with style i've come up with some ideas :

                                              Doctor Pro (protective):

                                           Protective Ponytail/Spike


Sci Fi Leather Jacket

Woozworld Track Pants

Kicks With Suds

Dj Pon 3 (For all those ponies out there xD):

Sci Fi Goggles

Cool Manga Sweater

Hip Hop Duchess' Skirt

Cyber Girl Platforms

Geek Chic (Geek but totally chic):
Research Investigator Hair

Geek Sweater By Insanee1 And xOSummermoo

Slim Jeans

Classy After Ego Shoes

And thats all! I'll see you next time spies! Chrissy signing off! Have a stylish day!

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