Sunday, October 25, 2015

Halloween Outfits

Hello my lovely chickens, it is I....


I'm only joking.

Hi guys, I'm back! (It's Cooly). I know, I know. You guys missed me so much. I did too. So I'm finally going to be able to post!

As we all know, Halloween is coming up! This means that I, the fashion king, am here to help you with some WoozWorld halloween outfits.

*Note: You may wear these outfits; but you have to credit me in your status c;*

First off, I would to congratulate WoozWorld on 2000 outfits sold!!! SOOO CONGRATULATIONS! I couldn't get the witch outfit, so I'm sorry ;-;!

Let's begin shall we? First outfit is going to ladies (ladies first, #amirite?):


You like it? Sorry, taken. Anyway, I call this outfit "HarleCat". In this outfit I'm wearing

Head: Harlequeen Hat
Dress: Kattitude Dress
Leggings: Harlequeen Shorts & Leggings
Shoes: Harlequeen Platforms

I like the outfit because it combines a feeling of mystery and cute. Also, IT LOOKS HUT.

Anyway, our next outfit is for the males;


Also, a cat; I call this masterpiece "Fierrrrce"

Get it, right? ;D. The items are:

Head: Katastrophe Hood
Shirt: Katastrophe Sweater
Pants: HollyXooz Jeans
Shoes: Studded Ankle Sneakers

I love this outfit, it combines spooky and casual fall. It's so.... FIERRRRRRRRRRCE. ;D

This last girls outfit is pretty hard to get but; it's so cute.


Oh yes, you know it's not fashion without the esq outfit!
I call this "Mysterious Jester". I love this outfit so much; and you can tell why.

Head: Esqueleta Hair
Face: Esqueleta Face
Top: Harlequeen Bodice
Pants: Same in #1
Shoes: Same in #1

Our last outfit, :( aww, is a male one. I call it "Zomb-OMG"


AAAAH OMG! This outfit is so scary. ;-;! Anyway; I called it "Zomb-OMG" because it's a scary zombie. Here's the items:

Head: Ewejean Distressed Beanie
Top: Ewejean Zombie Sweater
Pants: MESSYster Two-Tone Jeans
Shoes: Pixel Shoes

Well, that's all for today folks. I hope this helped! I'll see you next time. Byeeeee

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