Monday, October 19, 2015

How to Take Woozen Photos

Hey, guys! It's SarahWooz, and today we're gonna be talking about Woozen pictures!

I recently realized that I should add a photo to my blogging profile. I noticed my sister and fellow blogger Megan Woozworld had a pretty swaggy profile pic with a white background and a pretty cool pose. I didn't know how to take these pictures, so I set out on an adventure to discover how to take a proper Woozen picture.

The first thing I did was Google "Woozen" to see if there were any Woozen images I could use. Long story short: there weren't.

This meant I had to take my own picture. I knew the most common way to get that swagalicious pic was to edit the photo, but guess who's too lazy to Photoshop. 

So I had to come up with my own method to take these allusive Woozen pics.

I give to you the plan behind SarahWooz's Allusive Graphics: (SWAG for short)

  1. Search for my photo booth by typing "Photo Booth" in the Unitz search. (Mine should be the only one that comes up.)
  2. Stand in the center of the Unitz. 
  3. ZOOM in on your Woozen by using the zoom bar. I recommend 2.5X zoom. Here's a picture of it if you don't know what the zoom bar is: 
  4. Place your cursor away from your Woozen so it is out of your picture. I usually place mine like so: 
  5. Open up the camera. The camera is located underneath the Unitz name, in case you didn't know. (If you're on mobile, I recommend using a screenshot rather than the camera.)
  6. Dance! Dancing is how you get the awesome poses. For my picture I used The Swimmer, but play around with the different dances to find a pose you like!
  7. Snap the photo. It takes a few tries to get the picture just right, but practice makes perfect!
  8. Go to your Albumz from your WoozIn and find your photo. (Photo albums can hold a maximum of 10 photos, so if you plan on taking more, make multiple albums.)
  9. Save the photo to your computer.
Voila! You now have a perfect Woozen photo!

Signing off, I'm SarahWooz: Trial Blogger.

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