Monday, October 12, 2015

My Introduction!

Hello woozens, I am flowerraco, a trial blogger on Woozworld Spies! I am sorry if copying any of your writing styles/colors (sorry Sierra!). 

My Backstory

Once I joined woozworld, after 2 years I noticed blogs covering topics on Woozworld. The one I loved the most was Woozworld Spies. I actually keep it as a tab on my computer! When I first saw that the owner was QueenRosie1, I always read it as QueenRosiel. I don't know why, I have very good vision. Anyway, I always wished I could become a blogger. The day came, when my eyes noticed a button called "Apply for Blogger". I pushed it, and I noticed all the questions. I thought maybe I'll try and see if I can make it. This was a week before school started. That is why it took so long to get a message back. I came back from school and checked every single day, for like 1-2 weeks. I didn't get anything back sadly. So, I stopped checking and went on with my schoolwork. I am actually doing 1 year ahead of math (not to brag or anything) so I didn't have much time either. About a few days back, I noticed QueenRosie1 sent me a message saying she thinks I have what it takes! Of course being me, I just thought happy thoughts in my brain for a long time. QueenRosie1 told me she sent me an invite. I never got it. She sent it to me like 3 times! I never got it. I was feeling as happy then :( Message after message, after a few days, I finally received it! It felt like it was yesterday... wait it was. So I decided to write my intro!

  Facts about me

1. My favorite color is pink! (pretty obvious though)
Pink is life! I love pink so much. I never had a favorite color besides pink. My favorite type of pink is hot pink because it is big, bright, and bold. When I was younger, all my friends hated pink. But now, my other friends like pink, but not their favorite color or anything.

2. I am in an advanced program.
In my city, we have a program for kids that have the potential to go ahead of their level. So, I chose to write about what I wanted to be in the future. I was actually sick that day, but I made it in to the program! That was one of the best days of my life. I have to be in the same class for 3 years! This is my last year of doing it. I will miss everyone I know.

3. I love tennis!
Tennis is the only sport I play, and it is amazing! I have been playing for 3-4 years now. I have never actually participated in a tennis tournament before, but  have played team tennis (if any of you know what that is). In the writing paper I had to say what I wanted to become. I said a professional tennis player! I said all my cabinets and drawers would be filled with trophies (I was so cute back then).

4. I have been a member of Woozworld for 3-4 years
I think I was actually a member when they gave free deadmau5. The sad thing is that was a period of time I wasn't on woozworld. I regret that my entire life. I actually have a deadmau5 though. My sis in reality helped me trade for it. But, she has a better one in my opinion, I think she likes her's better too. She has a rebel deadmau5 and I have a timezkeeper one.

5. My favorite food is chicken (sorry to the vegetarians out there!).
I love chicken, especially chicken tenders. On Masterchef, they were cooking chicken and waffles, and they said chicken is usually very bland. I was very mad! I also like burgers, but not as much. I love french fries! Especially wedge and waffle fries. My favorite dipping is ranch, and my favorite drink is water. This is weird, but drinking coca cola makes me want to drink water! My favorite type of water is cold and mineral (purified) water.  

That's all I have to say, so my work here is done.
-Flowerraco <3 

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