Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Spooky Style

Hey Spies! It's Chrissy! First of all, IM SUPER sorry I didn't get to post for a whole 2 WEEKS! I had to manage a couple of problems but its fine now. When I got onto Woozworld and clicked 'Shopz' my jaw literally dropped. Oh my skittles '0'...

The new halloween outfits... *still in shock*... Well first Its perfect for a bunch of halloween themed parties (especially the pony ones *cough* *cough* unicorn horn...)

So as I was saying, these spooky styles will sure to scream "TRICK OR TREAT MWAHAHAHA" (sorry reduce 'MWAHAHAHA' ;-;). I find the outfits super kawaii! It fits the halloween theme perfectly! One thing I dislike is that they don't come in complete outfits or bundles :(. Anyways I'll_ Wait o-o Oh yeah! GREAT NEWS! I found Sherbet 'O'

It was in my fridge.... naughty sherbet -.- he's suppose to be in the freezer! Anyways! Have a BOOTIFUL (or should I say 'BATIFUL') halloween! Chrissy signing off!

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