Monday, October 26, 2015

The Ghouls

Hey spies! It's flowerraco, your trial blogger, and I'm here to give you some updates on woozworld. But, before that, I just wanted to say I just got a follower because of woozworld spies! Back to the ghouls, you can become a Franks, Vampire, Mummy, or Goblin.

This is how the Mummy costume looked for a female woozen. I think it looked the 2nd best. It was scary looking, yet a little pretty. It's very confusing how that can happen, but it did. I predict that the Mummy will come in 2nd or 3rd. 

This is the Goblin costume. I don't like it at all. More than scary, it looks horrifyingly ugly. I think this is the worst costume of the ghouls. I predict the least people will choose goblin.
I just had fun going to the Vampire HQ, thinking it was the best and the most people will go there too. I didn't realise that I would become a vampire, until I got in, and was then transformed :( I was pretty sad because when we became hideous sea creatures, I hid from there, and never transformed into one of them! But, this time I learned it the hard way. Thank goodness I went to this one because I liked it the best.

This is the Franks outfit on a male woozen. I think it looks kind of cool. I like the gold eye especially, it looks really pretty. I predict this could be 2nd or 3rd against the Mummy costume. It looks the 3rd best.

This is the anti-ghoul hair on a female woozen. I think the hair is marvelous. Of course that means I was in love with the Julyana hair. I also like the cute doctors mask, so they can't get germs. It reminds me of around when I started when they had a monster and doctors phase. I think it was zombies. I wish it was free though :( But then everyone would use it so....

This article was for the woozens who haven't been on because this is your chance to do the right thing, unlike me. But, if you don't like spoilers, today was a bad day for you because there is no way to brainwash yourself. Sorry to the surprise-seekers, but my work here is done!

See you later Spies!
-Flowerraco <3

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