Monday, November 2, 2015

New Girls Outfits Review!

Hey guy's! It's Princess, I actually haven't done a post in a long time since I've been busy with school (Don't kill me Rosie aaah) D: Anyway... It's about time that I've done a post u.u And so I decided to do a blog post about the new outfits that came out TODAY everyones really surprised because its Monday and the outfits came out today.. Anyway let's start:
First outfit is ''Novy'' 
Hair: I like the hair, it's a very casual fall looking bun. The only thing I don't like about it is the long curl on the side because I personally like things just to be even xD

Sweater: The sweater is really nice, it's similar to the spencie sweater but with studs and it makes it look nice x3 It's a nice touch to add, I also like the pattern on it.

Shorts: The shorts, I LOVE! They look just like the wns pop shorts but with leggings added in. Perfect look for fall!

Shoes: I personally don't like the shoes, they don't really match the outfit at all and you can just see a bit of they're socks but they could be good with another outfit.

The ''Novia'' (Fun fact, Novia means girlfriend in Spanish and yes I speak spanish..)

Hair: I love the hair! The curls in it are amazing, they just don't look too good standing in that position xD The emilious hair kind of looks like Selena Gomez hair..

Dress: I love this shirt! The plaidmas dress goes with the Fall theme perfectly and the colours are amazing too, and if you look closely the pattern might hurt your eyes.. xD

Leggings: Nothing to say about the leggings '-' They're umm.. Black?

Shoes: I Love the shoes!! They are so pretty, they match the fall look perfectly just like the dress does and the colours do too, it really all goes togethe nicely and I like that they are ankle boots..

That's all for now!
                               Keep calm and Princescajor!

                      (Currently making a new sign off pic)

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