Thursday, December 31, 2015

Good bye 2015 & Art requests

Hai.Bleaty here! ;o Okay firstly,I know many bloggers (I mean like almost all of us o_O) haven't been posting in months. You could probably still see mine from almost 2 months ago. I will try my best on continuing posting.In all honesty,I tbh forgot with me doing a bunch of art and contests in IG (hehe-cough-). SO if you ever see me on woozworld on a Friday/Saturday come to me and be like: GURL WHY AINT YOU POSTING. oki?

So I know it's Thursay but I need to start blogging again u-u. As you may know...I hope...its December 31st which means it is the last day of 2015. 2015 was probably the best year so far out of my entire life.xD I met a bunch of cool people like Rosie o3o,other bloggers,and you viewers.

But ya never know,2016 might be the start of something incredible.

I honestly really feel bad for not blogging in forever, so I decided to do Art requests.It's not much but sometimes a piece of paper and a pencil can make something beautiful o3o Message me on woozworld an art request like your woozen or something along those lines and if you want it to be manual or digital (I cant draw woozen form on digital bye).(Reminder: I can draw in woozen form and also Anime/Chibis xD)

There is no paying at all because y'all too special.
I will post it on Instagram @blea_chan. If you can't get to my Instagram (you don't need an account to go look on mine btw) I'll post the picture(s) here.
Before I go,if you have been feeling very sad or if you want to have a very good laugh, go get off yur lazy bottoms and watch Nichijou I swear you'll die of laughter omg.

Bleaty signing out o3o!!

-BuBbLy bLeAtY

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