Sunday, December 27, 2015

Last Blog Post Before My Ever So Long Pause; Unitz Design Contest!

Hey Spies! It's Chrissy. Today Before my blog post I would like to say something. I've decided to take a short quit (pause) on WzW Spies and Woozworld. You're probably wondering why so I'll tell you. I've gotten hacked and almost all my rares are gone. It seems like a pathetic reason, but really it isn't. I spent more than a year hunting for these rares and I'm deeply depressed that they are gone. The hacker traded all my rares to this user but she won't give them back... Oh well, I guess. Which rares and riches am I talking about? Bestoverall, Entire Collection of "Faves From 2014",  Floriful, and so much more. Well without further ado lets start! So today I'll be talking about the Unitz Design Contest for New Years. I myself have been thinking of entering X3. So pretty much you have to design a unitz that represents New Years in the form of a sort of party? XD. I headed myself over to IDesignz to research more on this contest. Here are the rules you have to follow in order to enter in the contest or at least have a chance to be chosen:
I'm not exactly sure if a Woozband animator is going to visit the unitz but most likely they will. Well Signing off. Stay fashionable even in my absence. One more thing. KEEP YOU'RE ACCOUNT INFO PERSONAL. Signing off!

(I couldn't find my cookie sign off pic so i had to make another edit/sign off pic XD)

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