Monday, January 4, 2016

How to be faceless on woozworld! -Different version

Hi guys!It's Nay!I've been gone for the longest time ever! I'm sorry.. It's just that i've been sick lately, and i just forgot about Woozworld Spies.... So yeah. Anyways, i just saw Cooly's version of how to be faceless, so today i'm going to show you a totally DIFFERENT version of How to be Faceless!

So first.. open your closet and inventory, and put your inventory on the right side, and open a face, like this. (By the way i got hacked so my i lost like 3/4 of my stuff) 
Then, you're going to bring it closer to the ''Wear outfit'' Button.
then you're going to want to press the wear outfit button then hurry up and press the little shirt with the + sign.

Once you got it, you'll become faceless. If it doesn't work, try it until you turn faceless. 

Bye guys! Stay fab.

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