Sunday, July 17, 2016

Returning of Blea-Chan

          Hey guys :D It has been such a long time since I've blogged.Hopefully now the blog will continue running smoothly.Well as all of you HOPEFULLY know about wns and all the stuff currently happening on woozworld (If not check Chrisy's recent blog post to learn more about it) I've decided to have you guys re-know about me. By this, I mean I'll be letting you guys up on some stuff that you may not have known about me. (ex: SocialMedia,new art, my youtube channel etc etc)

        Since summer vacation started, I've recently had ALOT of free time for catching up on some art,working on my own manga book (not really it's only the first 4 pages of the chapter >3<) and just chilling out.

I Began an instagram account in the beginning of september-october ish. This instagram account has photos of woozworld,my art,some random anime, my horrible singing -.- and some Love Live School Idol Festival.

You can follow me @blea_chan
I will follow/allow anyone to follow me that is apart of the woozworld community.

Next I have deviantart. Deviantart is a website where artists can post their art to get watches feedback and hold contests and commissions for points. You can watch me at:   to find my art. (These art will also go on my Instagram.)                      

Lastly,I'm thinking of reopening my youtube account: AnimeBleaty

It's been forever since I made a video.I was thinking of doing maybe skits with Senpai, Who is also getting back into the woozworld life,maybe Rosie, Or maybe I'll ask you guys if you want to be in a skit and have everyone come in as special guests xD

Well I hope you all have a great rest of the day xD. I apologize for posting at such a late time. I really wanted to get my new picture done which you can see on instagram and my deviantart.

Until we meet again :D
Bleaty signing off!

-Bubbly Blea-Chan

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