Friday, July 8, 2016

It's Been A While; WNS Is Coming Back?!?!

Hey Spies! It's great to see all your lovely virtual faces! It's Chrissy the Cookie! Boy, It has been suuuuuuppppeeeerrrrrrr long since I last posted O_O. I apologize for such a long break, but I decided to lay off of screen time for a bit. I know a lame excuse but my mom kept on nagging at me saying I was going to get eye cancer or something like that ;-; (but seriously I go on the computer way too much). Anyways, I'm finally back with a new post! So most of you already know WNS is back but I decided to dig a little bit further in the topic. I went to check my WoozIN to see if there were any announcements on WNS and there were (Yasss *-*):

So I clicked "Read More" and this is what I received.

Pretty cool right? But this isn't the first time WNS has showcased it's self to WoozWorld! It has came back every single year! Plus, WNS clothing has been released in the Store and Shopz (Which you should definitely check out C:)! Quests have also been added to the WNS events so If your short on beex or interested in talking to the artists of the WNS contest try them out XD! I guess thats all there to talk about WNS so I'll be signing off now. Again, it was great seeing you all after such a long time! I'm sorry is this post is rather short ;-;.

Signing off! Chrissy the Cookie is out!

(I'll make a new sign off pic soon so I'll just use this one temporarily XD)

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