Thursday, April 23, 2015

Free Gifts For Old Friends

Hey Spies! It's Rosie, and I'm here to talk to you about this new thing Woozworld is doing, where if you refer someone a link to Woozworld and they log in after previously being inactive for one month, both you and that user get a free gift! I tried it with four of my older unwanted accounts already. Last Summer, Woozworld has a Tees Tanks and Crops section in Shopz where they sold the Jaws, Flames, and Riches. The prizes I got were T-Shirts and Tanks from the friend thing, I guess it is nice to give that woozen a surprise from when they return from their busy schedules :) If you have an old account and want a gift on it, go to this link xD: (It's mine, so I'll get a gift too :3) This can only be done ONCE on an account that has been INACTIVE for AT LEAST ONE MONTH. Here are the prizes I have gotten so far:

  • Heartva Boots
  • Flowy Skirt
  • Spar Jeans
  • Riches Double Tank
  • Jaws Shirt
I've got to say Woozworld, it's wonderful you're doing this! x) The Heartva gives me hope of getting Flowerva, which has recently become transferable and is now rare xD (If you didn't know)

On another note, the Android App was released! You also get a free gift for logging into it! ;D Here's the girl's gift:
Until next time Spies!
xoxo ~Rosie

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