Saturday, April 25, 2015

Last post being a Trial Blogger😭

Hey there spies! 
It's Dark here and today I will share something about myself. So lets start 😄

Favorite Color?
Blue , White , Teal etc. 

Fav. Food: 

How long are you playing wzw?
Almost 3 years

Do you support the LGBT Community?
Yes, because judging them is not right.

Favorite handheld game?
Pokemon!!!! XD 

Favorite Pokemon?
Fennekin ❤️

Favorite Animal?

So guys I am a toy collector too :D
I collect LEGO Minifigures!! :)
And others too.

So thats all guys.
Thank you for being a part of woozworld spies and thank you for this opportunity to blog here! :) 
See ya later guys! 

Stay sweet 

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