Saturday, April 25, 2015

Rainforest Adventurer Outfit Reviews!

Hello my beautiful Spies! xx
First of all, an apology for my absence, and fail to contact QueenRosie1. I was really busy, planning some stuff for my studies. But now I'm finally at my study academy, where I will be spending my weekend, and I just had a shower, and now I'm ready to type up a post.
Okay, without further adieu, here's my review on the new outfits!

First Up:

 Ferntastic! (Or the MyaWooz outfit.)
Hair: It may be some people's cup of coffee, but it certainly isn't mine. It's too big for my liking! 4/10. 

Torso: I love this! It's a bit like usual summer WoozWorld shirts, but I love how it kinda crosses over, and the jewelry is gorgeous. They could've made it more original though. 8.5/10.

Legs: It looks like something I'd wear at the beach, definitely, but then my younger aunts will wear something similar. It looks really good with the outfit. 9/10.

Feet: Personally, these shoes aren't very nice. They remind me of the ballerina heels they had when they did Fashion Friday Spin The Wheels. 2.7/10.

Overall: Sure, the outfit is cute, but they could've improved the shoes a lot, and maybe have made the hair a bit less... poofy.

Next We Have:

Tropicadorable! (Or the JennyWooz outfit.)

Hair: Gorgeous. Just gorgeous. Sure, it looks like some other VIP hairs, but it's definitely a hairstyle WoozWorld fashion designers thought about a lot. It's quite casual summer. I love it! 9/10.

Torso: I simply love this. It's so fitted, a bit like the tube top, and it's just really, really cute. It would've looked a bit better as a dress though. 9.5/10.

Legs: These shorts are really cute, but they look a bit like my granny's undies, width wise. But I love the pineapple pattern! 9/10.

Feet: These shoes are something that I'd wear in the summer, but then take off when I arrive on to the beach, and then wear them back on to the coach. They're cute, that's all I'm saying. 9.5/10.

Overall: I love this outfit. JennyWooz is getting some really cute store outfits, nowadays. I love them! I would totally buy them, if I could!

Thirdly, We've Got:

Palmwonderful! (Or the JayWooz outfit.)

Hair: It's slightly like the WNS Cap. I think they're running out of ideas, so they just give JayWooz what they think's "ghetto", aka caps. 4/10.

Torso: I don't know. It seems very basic - I remember something like it about a year or something ago. It's okay, though. 5/10.

Legs: They're, again, quite basic. They remind me of the leprechaun shorts... 3/10.

Feet: I think the shoes are okay. They're modern grand dad indoor shoes... 5.5/10.

Overall: They've given JayWooz a really basic outfit. I think they could've changed it a bit. It's kind of expected by now, though. It was cool at WNS, but now it's just really repetitive. 


Pineapplicious! (Or the MaxWooz outfit.)
Hair: It reminds me of Luke Hemmings' quiff. It's okay, I guess. 7/10.

Torso: It's a typical male summer shirt, I'll grant them that. 8/10.

Legs: They remind me a lot of these male pants in Shopz, but I really have no idea what they're called. 4/10.

Feet: The trainers aren't exactly ideal. But they go with the pants. 4/10.

Overall: I don't think that this has really been changed. Bits and piece have been take away from Shopz, with more or less design on them, and then produced as an outfit. 

So, my favourite outfit was the Tropicadorable outfit, but I realized that a lot of people are interested in MyaWooz's outfit, and the boys in WoozWorld are purchasing a lot of Pineapplicious outfits.
Which was your favourite? 

-Abi786. xoxo

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