Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall Trends & Must Haves!

Welcome Fall!

Hey Spies! Megan here, and it's finally that time of year! Fall! I know it feels like fall has been going on for a while since everyone is pretty much in school now ;-; but it actually begin this past Wednesday. Today I'll be sharing with you some fall trends you'll want to start and be on the look out for!

One of the reasons that I'm most excited about fall being here are the warm and comfortable clothes Fall styles are just pretty basic everyday casual styles which I absolutely love. There are some obvious items you want to be on the look out this fall such as sweaters, scarves, jeans and boots. Aka, my go to look. But there are some new trends coming in and even some old trends coming back that are fab for the cool weather.

New Trends:

  • Hunter Boots - This is actually a trend that has been trying to make it's way into the fashion world for a while now, and it finally is! These are the must have name brand boots this season. In case you don't have a clue what I'm talking about they're boots that are comfortable and fashionable while having the look of a rain boot. Now that's a twist on fashion!
  • Knit Earmuffs - You should start to see more of these being wore the further we get into fall because in some places it's still pretty warm right now, but they're cute and warm earmuffs that look almost like a headband. It could be a girls new best friend!
  • Knit Boot Socks - Of course you're going to look extra fabulous with your fall boots, but it's time to give them a makeover. Now I know this trend started last year, but it started late and is really starting to take it's toll. It makes sure you have a little bit of extra warmth from the bottom to the top! (And by that I really mean from your toes to your calves :))
Old Trends:

  • Vests/plaid - Haven't you heard? Vests are back! Now I honestly felt like I've seen a decline in these short sleeved jackets, but they're perfect for any fall occasion. Whether it's pumpkin or apple picking or even a new thing to wear to school! Vests are the perfect clothing item to wear especially over what... plaid!? Yes it's true - two of the most least likely fashion pieces are making a statement together this fab fall season.
  • Beanies - The beanie is no longer something to represent thugs or skaters but it is something to help make a girl feel casual. No matter the outfit, the beanie can express a chic casual look. And a different side of you which is the part of you that is a fashion risk taker.
  • Leggings - We all have those days where we are way to lazy to dress up, so with long leggings, it's easy for us to dress down while still looking perfect for fall.
Still In Style

These are the most common fashion pieces of fall, though some are getting "revamped" to leave a mark with our generation.

  • Scarves - Thick wool/knit scarves have been around for a while and they're here to stay! Honestly, I don't think this will go out of style anytime soon. Scarves (and boots!) are pretty much the epitome of fall fashions.
  • Boots -You can never go wrong with boots, short or tall, you'll definitely be ready for fall.
  • Sweaters/cardigans - These have been around for a while too and they have been taking fashion to a whole new level. Short or long cardigans, thick or thin sweaters they keep you warm and casual for fall.
  • Jeans - This is probably is one of the oldest and most common fall trends of all time. Your jeans could be ripped or not and they would still be the thing to help set the tone of your entire outfit.
If you're on the lookout for these fab fall items, you'll be prepared for the chilly weather. You'll make a fashion statement, look great, and feel great. It's the perfect fall!

But there's one more thing you can't forget to top every fall outfit with. It might just be the most important.

 That's right. You guessed it. A Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks. NOW, it's the perfect fall.

Thanks Spies! Signing off for now!

xx meganisawesome3

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